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No server plugins on a fresh installation

  • Hi,

    I have a freshly installed PufferPanel on a VPS and I can't create a server due to the fact that there no any server plugins.

    I looked into the /var/lib/pufferd/templates folder and it appear to be empty. So, I think the problem is due to this empty folder.

    Can anyone send me the files or has a solution for this problem ?


  • Very strange that you don't have any server templates after a fresh installation.

    The templates can be found in this GitHub repository https://github.com/PufferPanel/templates

    I recommend cloning it into the directory using

    $ cd /var/lib/pufferd/templates
    $ git clone git@github.com:PufferPanel/templates.git .

    This will clone all of the templates into the /var/lib/pufferd/templates directory. Unfortunately these are all in folders and pufferd requires them to be .json files in the root of the directory.

    The following command will copy all of the json files into the directory, remove the folders, remove the LICENSE and README.md files and cleanup after GitHub.

    This is destructive, be careful running it, and MAKE SURE you're in the /var/lib/pufferd/templates directory.

    $ cp -R */*.json . && rm -R -- */ && rm -rf README.md LICENSE .git/ .gitignore

    Here is a breakdown of the commands

    cp -R */*.json . <- this copies all json files into the current directory
    rm -R -- */ <- removes all of the folders
    rm -rf README.md LICENSE .git/ .gitignore <- removes the license file, the readme, the .git folder and the .gitignore

    There is probably a cleaner/safer way to do this, but this works (tested).

  • Everything worked. Thanks for your help :)

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