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Trouble Upgrading PufferPanel to 0.8.5

  • In a previous question, I asked whether there was an easy way to restart all of my servers at once from PufferPanel. Someone suggested that I use the feature that allows me to send one command to all servers. I don't see this option, and I'm on 0.8.4, so I figured I would upgrade to 0.8.5. I followed the instructions in the support docs, but I've run into an issue.

    I can execute everything up to chmod +x pufferpanel; it doesn't exist. I tried re-running the git commands, but it didn't change anything. I haven't yet tried to update Scales, but I feel safer doing that afterwards.

    What am I doing wrong, and how obvious is it? :p

  • Found the problem. Apparently git had some "unstaged changes," which I got past by running sudo hit stash. Weird, but now I seem to have upgraded successfully.

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