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How to stop the server via the panel? CTRL + C in Linux to stop it

  • Hi,

    How do I go about stopping the server, now I got it to start :)
    It running on wine on Ubuntu 18.04 and when I run it manually to test, I need to press CTRL + C to stop the server.

    What does that equal in a template, so when I click stop it stops?

    PS. Sorry if this is, in the wrong place, wasn't sure if to put it here or in templates


  • You need to set the "stopCode" in the template to be 2, which represents CTRL+C.

    https://github.com/PufferPanel/templates/blob/master/teamspeak3/teamspeak3.json#L20 is an example of this behavior.

    Changing a server's data will require you restart the pufferd service though to apply.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    That doesn't appear to be stopping it, for some reason.

    But kill it does.

    What I will do is go through each code with mutilple configs and try and work it out

  • Just tried some quick edits by editing the server config then service pufferd restart
    stopCode 2 doesn't work, but 9 and 15 do.

    So I have gone with stopCode 15
    Due to the process is given time to gracefully shutdown.

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