Total RAM

  • Is there a way to change the value for the total RAM on the computer in PufferPanel without deleting the servers and the node, and then re-adding them? I'm most likely going to get another 8GB for my machine so that I can run both of my servers at once, but I can't figure out how to tell PufferPanel that I will have more RAM.

  • Just edit the table "nodes" of your pufferpanel database and edit "allocate_memory" coloumn with the new value (not sure if also scales need to be edited)

  • Where is this database?

  • @zacharee the mysql one... the one that you write at pufferpanel installation...

  • I have no idea how to edit that. I've never dealt with MySQL.

  • @zacharee if you are a windows user i suggest to use
    and when you start it setup a new connection:

    • Mysql (ssh tunnel)
    • Host/ip: docker ip
    • username and pass: your ssh username and pass

    On tunnel ssh table you have to download PUTTY.exe
    and link to it
    then insert

    • your macchine ip
    • ssh port (it must be like port 22)

    Press open and accept any warning, do you will see "pufferpanel" at left coloumn, expand it by clicking "+" and then click "nodes" it will open a table, edit right coloumn with the new value.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Is it possible to do this without creating a database and connecting to it, then learning how to use it? Like a text file somewhere in the PufferPanel folder that can be edited?

  • @zacharee you installed pufferpanel or not? It need a mysql database for work.

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