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Minecraft Forge Template not working

  • Hi,
    I've successfully installed the pufferpanel on my VPS (OpenVZ Ubuntu 16.04) but when I create a forge minecraft server and hit the install button (to install the jar) and in console it says:

    Installing server
    Downloading file http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.7.10-
    Moving file from forge-*.jar to installer.jar
    Executing: java -jar installer.jar --installServer
    Error running installer, check daemon logs

    When I check the logs I get this error:

    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Installing server 4cc4c332-52bc-4850-9f5a-846b4200544d
    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Server 4cc4c332-52bc-4850-9f5a-846b4200544d has defined install data
    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Download file from http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.7.10- to /var/lib/pufferd/servers/4cc4c332-52bc-4850-9f5a-846b4200544d
    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Moving file from /var/lib/pufferd/servers/4cc4c332-52bc-4850-9f5a-846b4200544d/forge-*.jar to /var/lib/pufferd/servers/4cc4c332-52bc-4850-9f5a-846b4200544d/installer.jar
    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Executing command: java -jar installer.jar --installServer
    [08:55:20] [DEBUG] Starting process: java java -jar installer.jar --installServer
    [08:55:20] [ERROR] Error starting process
    exec: "java": executable file not found in $PATH
    [08:55:20] [ERROR] Error running process: 
    exec: "java": executable file not found in $PATH

    Could this be some sort of permissions error?
    Please help!
    Many thanks

  • exec: "java": executable file not found in $PATH
    This means that it couldn't run java, as usually it gets put into the path the most likely thing is that you never installed it
    If you're running Debian, Ubuntu or something else that uses the apt package manager run apt install openjdk-8-jdk to install it, then it should work

  • Thank you very much @nepcore that's worked perfectly! :)

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