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Allocated memory and Maximum memory

  • I've used pufferpanel back a few years ago when there wasn't an upgrade and I believe that there was an option to set the allocated memory to whatever value I wanted to put it. Right now, on the server, I've allocated 5GB of RAM yet it only uses about 1.5GB. I understand that Java doesn't allocate max memory and it allocates as it needs time to time, but I need a solid amount of at least 4GB available everytime because I do big world edits and the server crashes because of the low allocated memory to start off with. Is there a way to fix this?

  • When you goto create the server there is a memory option that is set to 1024 as default I believe. You Can change it to 4 by using 4024 or something along the lines of that.

  • That is the maximum memory, and java will not allocate all of it. I was asking how to allocate all of it.

  • You can change the java arguments used for the server by updating the json for the server (located in /var/lib/pufferd/servers). You can add the argument that you need (following how -Xmx works to keep it consistent), then use the "Reload Server Data" under the "Edit" tab in the admin side of the panel for that server to "reload" that data.

    You will have to restart the server naturally to apply the new arguments.

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