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pufferd v1.2.5

  • pufferd v1.2.5

    We are proud to release v1.2.5 of our daemon pufferd into the wild!

    This release introduces the following:

    • Module support for commands. What we mean here is that pufferd will now support loading modules from the "modules/operations" folder which can contain custom code for any install/pre/post command. Built in, we have moved all of our operations over to this new system, and included several for Sponge and Minecraft! This means we will rely on their file servers to handle downloading later versions of the game without a template change needed.
    • Removal of embedded templates. We now will ship all of the templates from our template repo with our repo packages. You can view these templates here: https://github.com/PufferPanel/templates
    • The kill button will now kill the server instead of the daemon.

    As per our release policy, pufferd v1.2.5 is compatible with PufferPanel v1.2.4, and so no updates on the panel are required.

    To get this update, all you have to do is use your package manager and update it.
    Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade pufferd
    CentOS: yum update pufferd

    We thank you for using PufferPanel!

    2.0 News

    We have already started our work on our 2.0 refactor. Now that the daemon is a bit more stable and holding it's own, we are shifting our focus to our core panel. We know that the current UI is not modern and there are some issues with using it. Unfortunately, to fix those issues would require a ton of internal changes to which we are not comfortable making on the current codebase, and so we are taking this chance to rewrite the panel from the ground up.

    2.0 will be changing languages to better offer support for your OS and make it even easier to install. PHP does not scale well and can easily end up with cluttery code, even when using frameworks. Like pufferd, PufferPanel is moving to a GoLang codebase, so that we can share code between our 2 products. By making this change, we will be dropping our requirement of PHP and this would make our panel one of the lightest out there, with no overhead for the language.

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