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Minecraft server generally confused

  • So my friend installed pufferpanel and is using the Spigot template for the server. The template script says what jar file to open and etc right? How am I supposed to switch this all around so that the server is running a 1.7.10 modpack? It's extremely conflicting. Puffer panel's pre-made minecraft script already has the java arguments and stuff while the modpack already comes with the ServerStart.sh file, which also comes with the java arguments. How do I make pufferpanel open my ServerStart.sh through it's script? How do I do any of this? I'm overwhelmingly confused.

  • @rainofpain125
    If you want to manually edit the launch arguments of the server, see the /var/lib/pufferd/servers directory on your machine. There, you'll JSON files for each of the servers. Find the JSON for your server and you'll find the launch arguments there. After editing the JSON, use the panel's Reload Server Data option or restart the pufferd daemon for the changes to take effect.

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