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Spigot Minecraft "Reload Server Data" button doesn't function

  • Subject TL;DR. Essentially what I did which may or may not have caused this is using the stock Spigot template which just works for 1.12.2 is let it install, then used BuildTools to create a 1.13.1 jar, replaced it as the new server.jar and went from there. I made some tweaks manually to the server.properties file but when I try to have the panel update using the Reload Server Data button it doesn't do anything. Even tried restarting the puffer panel service and rebooting the whole machine entirely. Stuff like the MOTD and server port were changed manually and they still show the old values in the panel no matter how hard I try. All permissions in the minecraft server directory are in check. Everything owned to the pufferd user and group. Not sure where to go from here.

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