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Uploading files to SFTP

  • Dear

    I just installed pufferpanel onto my VPS and logged in with the included SFTP account. I found my servers located in var/lib/pufferd/
    the only thing is when I try to upload a file my WinSCP says this to me: Permission denied.

    Can someone help me with this, so I can upload/change/etc whatever I want

  • Usually this error is caused by something, if not everything, in /var/lib/pufferd being owned by another user, often root
    Logging in via SSH and running the command chown -R pufferd:pufferd /var/lib/pufferd should fix it

  • @nepcore said in Uploading files to SFTP:

    chown -R pufferd:pufferd /var/lib/pufferd

    When i use the SSH console delivered by WinSCP, I get an error message that doesn't fit on my screen... that whole error shows file directions with "Operation not permitted" at the end.

  • @scherpec You may need to add sudo in front of that to work. So it'll look like chown -R pufferd:pufferd /var/lib/pufferd