Cannot Add Server "A required plugin variable was left blank when completing this server setup."

  • So a few days ago I updated my Scales to 0.2.5 and PufferPanel to, I also had to update node.js for scales to run and disable dockers because it was not recognizing any of the containers.

    Now, when I try to create a new server, "A required plugin variable was left blank when completing this server setup." pops up, and when I visit the page for the node, I get this:

    Server Error

    We're sorry! The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again later.

    error 500

    However, everything else seem to work perfectly fine.

  • Could you please provide the contents of any log files in /srv/pufferpanel/logs and /srv/scales/logs/proc.log? You can use to paste large amounts of text, just give us the URL it takes you to.

  • exception.log error.log proc.log
    There does not seem to be anything relevant in proc.log.

    Thank you in advance.

  • @Dummyc0m What version of PP did you upgrade from? It appears that an update was missed, and has left your database incorrect.

  • @LordRalex 0.8.2 I think, that might have been it, so do I need to scratch everything and reinstall or add a couple of things to my database?

  • @Dummyc0m yeah, that is what I figured.

    0.8.2 had an interesting DB change to 0.8.3, which is what 0.8.5 is expecting. The issue is now going to be that 0.8.5 expects the database one way, and it's difficult at times to tell what tables are not set up correctly.

    I'd recommend personally a reinstall, because determining what tables (at least one is out of sync, and I think we changed other tables with the version changes) is not a fun job, and last time it was attempted, it did not work well.

  • @LordRalex How am I supposed to save all the servers?

  • All of the server data is located in /home, and each server is a different pp- user. Make sure to back up all of these in order to save your data.

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