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Help creating minecraft custom jar server

  • Hi! How do I create a server with a minecraft custom jar? I want to load a premade setup to a new server and the jar file is named "Lobby1.jar"

  • @merceric

    • You can create and install a server using the Minecaft Forge template (make sure the Version and Memory (MB) fields matches what your modpack uses if possible)
    • Then, copy your modded files into the new server using SFTP (overwrite/replace the old files)
    • And lastly, rename the JAR you want to use to server.jar (If there's already a server.jar that wasn't part of your modpack, rename the old server.jar to something else like server.jar.old)

    Most modpacks have their own server.properties, so the port and address you specified while installing may not be the same as the server's server.properties.

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