PufferPanel on Apache

  • I don't know if I'm not looking right, but I found that an older version of PufferPanel supported Apache, but how do you install PufferPanel with Apache now? Thanks so much!

  • PufferPanel will work with Apache, it's just that we don't have any documentation on how to configure Apache and don't provide support for configuring it.

    Older versions of PufferPanel had a config file someone had contributed, but from our testing it does not work with Apache anymore. If you are comfortable configuring Apache you could probably figure it out based off the nginx config file we provide.

  • Thanks! Will give it a-go!

  • Worst case, if you cant figure out apache you can setup an nginx server as a front end with apache running behind it. Best of both worlds, that way you can run any nginx and any apache2 sites on the same server. Tad more to configure when adding a new apache site but a simple edit on one extra file isn't bad.

    If you need a guide, I recommend this one:

    I'm currently running my pufferpanel as an intranet host only using this. (Not available outside my admin vpn) and it works great, should work open to the public as well.


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