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server-status url error 500: response is locked

  • I'm using version 1.2.4. I only have one small problem. When I go to the "My Servers" page, the column that should be showing the server status just has the spinning icon. Firefox shows I'm getting a 500 error on the /index/server-status request.


    [2018-07-05 11-09-01] Klein\Exceptions\LockedResponseException: Response is locked in /var/www/pufferpanel/vendor/klein/klein/src/Klein/AbstractResponse.php:276  @  http://[redacted]/index/server-status  @@  exception--2018-06-28--00-31--5da367c7c7.html

    exception file:

  • I've removed the exception file as it does contain sensitive data.

    This is an odd error, because I do see it generated the data properly, so something triggered it to run a 500 after we generated the data for the servers.

    How many servers and nodes do you have? Just one of each?

  • Yes, just one server and one node. It's running in apache with php 7.2, if that matters.

  • I may have identified the issue, but I'll have to validate it once I get back to my house and hook my dev machines up.

    If it was the case, then it would have been broken since 1.2.2, but I thought locally it worked fine, so never saw it.

    I'll look into it and let you know.


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