Restart All Servers at Once

  • I recently changed my Minecraft server setup from a bunch of Multiverse worlds to separate servers. So far, it's been going great, but sometimes the servers become impossible to join because of lag. I don't currently have the time or patience to figure out why and fix the problem, so I just restart each server. However, since there are no power control buttons in the server list, I have to go into each one and restart it from there.

    Is there a way to restart every server at once, either through a script or something else?

    Ubuntu 15.10, 8GB RAM, PufferPanel 0.8.4.


  • You can use a script that uses your user's API keys and use the Scales API to issue restarts to a defined list of servers

    There is not an automatic way to do that outside of the API probably.

  • Thanks! I don't need automation, just some sort of "Restart All" button.

  • You can use the new bulk command feature

  • @blake0201 how does that work? For now, I've found that killing Java a few times will "crash" the servers so they restart, but it would be good to have a safer way to do this.

  • On the page "My Servers" (for me is a button "Bulk command sender" that allows you to send the same command to multiple servers. Very handy, great feature to have!

  • @LordTyrius looks like I'll have to upgrade to 0.8.5 when I have time. Thanks for the help!

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