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Cant install Pufferpanel on Hyper-V Machine

  • Hello,
    I tried to install pufferpanel on Debian 9, Debian 8, ubuntu 16.04 and Centos7. I created a new hyperv machine on my server and installed one of the systems above. For the install i followed the instructions on the documentation page. I tried this with various configs on hyperv and with old/new generation pcs. The result on every os was always an installation Error. The script run complete and after the install was a default page or an 500 error. I tried apache and nginx and i followed the config infos on the documentation. I have no idea how i bring it to work.

    Greeting onekintaro
    Sorry for my bad english, greetings from swiss :)

  • A 500 indicates a configuration isn't right, were you seeing a page from nginx that showed the 500 or our page? It looks a bit fancier than nginx.

    You can also get the logs from /var/log/nginx about the exact error.

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