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  • Good Day!

    I'm not entirely sure whether I just didn't find it, but is there currently a REST API implemented in Puffer?

    Something like a Server Status API maybe.
    I am aware that Puffer is a general purpose Game Panel and not MC - Only. So I know stuff like Player Count etc can't be implemented easily. But is there a RESTful API that can be queried for the Online-Status of an Server or maybe even sending commands to the Console?

    I'm working on an Internal server management system and it would make stuff much easier if the Panel could be operated headless.

    If there already is something like that, is there a documentation available?
    And if not, is it planned for the future? (If there are indeed plans, I'd be happy to help out with it!)

  • Our incomplete documentation is located at https://speca.io/PufferPanel/pufferd

    In your case, status would be similar to start and stop, just is under /status instead.

    Commands also exist, however it's a little trickier I think, i'd have to dig into our code to recall how it expects the data.

  • It appears that we do it via a POST to /console for servers.

    The body of the post is the command you want to run.

  • All right! This is amazing, thank you!

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