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Login redirect

  • Hello all.

    I know you don't directly support Apache installs, but I did get the configuration to complete successfully. I'm able to login with my chosen username and password, and I get to the "you haven't installed any servers yet" screen. If I click anything beyond that point, the page loops back to the login screen, with a "you must login to access that page" message.

    My immediate assumption is that I'm unable to maintain a persistent login, either due to a broken cookie cache, or possibly memcached errors. I did experience issues with memcached the first time I tried to install PufferPanel, but after removing all versions of PHP and then installing only the required modules for PHP 7.1, the memcached not found error went away.

    Some other potentially useful info:
    • I am using Apache VirtualHost to point the subdomain "panel.mywebsite.xyz" to the Pufferpanel installation, and the panel is configured to use that domain.
    • In order to fix the 500 internal error, the virtualhost directives had to be copied to Apache2.conf (This may help someone looking for that solution)
    • My login credentials are valid in my MYSQL database, and like I said, the redirect only happens after I successfully login.

    Any help whatsoever is very greatly appreciated! Thank you~