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SSL issue V1.2.0

  • Hello !

    I just installed the latest version and noticed a problem with ssl.
    I'm using SSL with let's encrypt and the plugin list is empty with this error "Failed to get plugin information for the selected node, please check your logs (ERR undefined)". I checked the logs but there is nothing :

    [21:43:07] [INFO] pufferd v1.2.0 (115321293d74045ab0cab357c5c82bf07bafe55b)
    [21:43:07] [INFO] Logging set to INFO
    [21:43:07] [DEBUG] Loading existing key
    [21:43:07] [INFO] Started SFTP Server on
    [21:43:07] [INFO] Starting web access on
    [21:43:07] [DEBUG] Checking for updates using https://dl.pufferpanel.com/pufferd/v1.2/version.txt
    [21:43:07] [INFO] DL server reports a different hash than this version, an update may be available
    [21:43:07] [INFO] Installed: 115321293d74045ab0cab357c5c82bf07bafe55b
    [21:43:07] [INFO] Online: 115321293d74045ab0cab357c5c82bf07bafe55b

    When ssl is not enabled everything is working properly (Plugin list is not empty).

    Someone can help me ?


    Ps : Is it normal for pufferd to announce two different hash when they are identical?

  • @navino16

    1. Make sure you properly configured the pufferd daemon to use SSL in addition to PufferPanel by giving it the https.pem and https.key.
      More info on that: https://www.pufferpanel.com/docs/using-letsencrypt-with-pufferpanel

    2. In look at the settings for your node in PufferPanel and make sure that your Node Private IP is the same as Node FQDN.
      (The default or any other numeric IP address will not work with LetsEncrypt - it has to be the same domain name.)

    Then restart puffed with sudo systemctl restart pufferd
    (Beware: This will stop any running servers. You may need to start them again pufferd restarts.)

  • @nystrata

    Thanks for your answer !
    The problem came from the second point (IP).
    Thank you very much

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