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Problematic installation error

  • Hello,
    I downloaded and installed pufferpanel.
    A priori everything went well EXCEPT, in one of the last lines:
    "Executing pufferd installation
    chmod: impossible to access' pufferd': No file or folder of this type
    /tmp/pufferd. sh: line 139:. /pufferd: No file or folder of this type
    An error occurred while installing, halting...
    Installation of pufferd failed locally, you will have to create a node manually on this machine if needed "
    This means that I only have access to the folder tree.
    I did everything right, I'm on debian 9 (it's not officially supported but I don't see what's changing)
    Help me please, I already tried to install another panel and it didn't work...
    the complete installation logs here: https://pastebin.com/1iQFR4SX
    Thank you very much.

  • We don't currently support Debian 9, as we don't have a pufferd package available for it, which is why your installation failed.

  • Same here on Ubuntu 18.04 (fresh, nice and new installation).

  • Omg, i installed Ubuntu @ 32bit [facepalm]

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