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Restart server on crash

  • hi, i have pufferpanel on my linux vps, how do I automatically restart the server every time it crashes?

  • Change the autostart section of the server's definition file in /var/lib/pufferd/servers to true, and pufferd will start the server every time the VPS restarts or pufferd is restarted. There is no way to detect a "crash" currently.

  • you could use "post-execution" steps to start the server... that way, if it goes down for any reason, it would just start back up... but i don't know how to do that. i'm looking for an answer to the same question you are. this is my best guess as to the right path to take. i want my servers to restart when they shut down for anything at all. crash or literally just having been stopped. since the console ALWAYS says something about post-execution steps being well, executed... even after a game crashes or shuts down or anything, then there's your crash detection... but what would we put as code into that post-execution section to make the server start back up as normal?

  • @puffrfish i apologize for double posting. i forgot to tag in the last post before hitting submit, as this is an old topic, however the only one i could find with a similar question as mine.. i honestly don't care about it crashing or not, i just want to be able to have the game servers running 24/7 which means starting back up if stopped for any reason. and not just "autostart: true" when the actual computer server restarts.. because i already have that configured [works perfectly btw] but i mean specficialy if a game server "process" itself stops, it should restart itself.

  • How did you do that

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