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Hi I have an issue. with ports on one node..

  • When I installed this node, I probably forgot to add , after each port. Now I have a long string of ports.. and it is in use by system.. ?

    Now I can not run my Bungee Cord server there. Hers how it looks in the panel.

    IP Address Ports
    Add Port(s) | Delete 2556525566255752556925581255802558225561

    How can I delete it? I hoped to get into the mysql db, but can not get phpmyadmin to work..

    Using Ubuntu as server OS.

  • An interesting problem. Other than editing the MySQL database directly I don't know how else you could fix that. You can use other programs to access your MySQL database from your desktop computer instead of phpmyadmin, or if that still doesn't work I'm afraid removing the database and reinstalling might be the easiest option.

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