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2 vps in the same pufferpanel?

  • I need 2 vps to be seen in the same pufferpanel.
    Could someone tell me how to do that?

  • It is quite easy:

    install Pufferpannel on one machine (ex. on VPS1). Login in an go to the Admin Panel (little gears in the top right corner) click "Add Node" an enter the informations from VPS2

    PufferPanel Add Node

    Click on "Create Node"

    alt text

    You can see/edit the basic information from the new node. Click on "Auto-Deploy"

    alt text

    .. then "Generate Deplayment Script" ...

    alt text

    Now you can copy the hole command. Login to console from VPS2 and run the command. It will automatically install and configure an additional node.

    In PufferPanel a second node is displayed. When you crate a new server you can select the second node and it will automatically install on the VPS2

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