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Server started by pufferd can't read environment variables

  • I have a plugin which accesses a variable set in the environment. When I start the server using pufferd it can't access it or something. How can I fix this?

    Also I have another question, how does pufferd backgrounds the process of a server and how can I attach it to the terminal if I wanted to? I'm using Ubuntu 16.04. Thank you!

  • pufferd directly runs the commandline, so there's not a way to really attach to it. You would have to wait for docker implementations in order to really do that.

    And how did you set the environment? The environment that pufferd has should copy to processes, but it uses it's own user.

  • The servers are in /home/pufferd. And the server files are also owned by pufferd, user and group. If I echo the variable in a pufferd shell, the variable prints, just doesn't show up in the server.

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