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Add already installed mc server in pufferpanel

  • I'm having my minecraft server for about 7 months and it's going very well. But it's a little tricky when i need to do something with console because i need to login to putty and have work with a lot of commands. So i've decided to install puffer. I can't find a command to add already installed minecraft server because i dont want lose all my data, it only shows me that i can add a new server. Can anyone help me?

  • Just create a new server in pufferpanel and you will create it in the path where you installed it.
    Generally /va /lib/pufferd/servers/xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx In the folder that creates you with numbers, you have the files of your current server and you are ready.

  • There is not a direct process to just add a server.

    The approach we suggest is:

    • Create the server through the panel
    • Locate the server's UUID (can be found on the Remote Management tab)
    • Copy your server files to /var/lib/pufferd/servers/<uuid>
    • Fix the permissions on the files using: chown -R pufferd:pufferd /var/lib/pufferd/servers/<uuid>

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