New to pufferpanel, having problem with nodes?

  • Soooo.. well just to begin I am so confused. what the heck is a node and why do I need it. I'm running the server on ubuntu desktop 16.04.3 and the panel itself is working but I go to set up a server and it says "An error occurred while trying to connect to the remote node. Please check that the daemon is running and try again.
    Daemon not available" I played with it but I'm just confused. can someone walk me through it? I'm hosting from home trying to keep it as free as can be that's why I didn't purchase a VPS but I do have a google domain for a year and I've got a computer which is running ubuntu desktop with 16gb ram and 160gb hard disk. if what I'm saying doesn't make sense I apologize, my brain feels like it's about to pop

  • With the help of puffrfish, I managed to fix the problem. it was caused by my modem/router combo not recognizing its own external IP, so it fails to connect to it. I fixed the problem by changing the nginx config to respond to the private IP instead of public. Also when editing the nginx config on ubuntu desktop don't chown the whole /etc/ directory. that's bad.
    Also, my pufferd wasn't running
    Probably going to purchase a modem and router