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SFTP Login Failed

  • Hello,

    Running Pufferpanel 1.1.4, Pufferd 1.1.5? (Pretty sure I'm on the latest).
    When I create a server instance, everything works just fine, however when I try to SFTP into the server files using the info provided in the specific server's Information tab, It doesn't accept the info.

    In this case, I'm connecting on domain.com:22, User@email.com|Server Name, MyPassword. <--Sample creds to demo what I am entering into filezilla/winscp. Any reason this isn't working? Or Anything I'm doing wrong?


  • Port 22 or 5657? Using fake data does lead to confusion at times.

  • 22, That's what it said on the panel.

  • This issue was caused because of an update from 0.8. I had to update the database for pufferpanel so that the web interface reflected the correct SFTP port. The port Should have been 5657. Credit to Lord_Ralex for clarifying this issue.

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