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Allocated memory

  • I am using pufferpanel to host minecraft servers, but lately i found out the allocated memory is a little bit broken
    i installed essentials to let me check the amount of ram he was using, by /lag
    he returned this:
    [17:30:29 INFO]: Maximum memory: 1,979 MB.
    [17:30:29 INFO]: Allocated memory: 190 MB.
    [17:30:29 INFO]: Free memory: 27 MB.

    I tried multiple things like reinstalling the panel, but i dont get the allocated memory to what is should be, somewhere at 2 GB

  • The allocated is just what Java needed at that moment. It's expected to not be equal to your MAX memory, which is what we set.

    Your server can use up to 2GB, but it's not using that much atm.

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