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How to use Remote Requests in v1.1?

  • Hi,

    i cant find any information about how to use the Remote Requests. The old variant

    curl -k -X "GET" "https://domain.tdl:5656/server/power/restart" \
      -H "X-Access-Server: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx" \
      -H "X-Access-Token: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx"

    doesn't work any more.

    Thank you.

  • We switched to using OAuth2 for the actual authentication, but we have not fully documented our API yet.

    https://speca.io/PufferPanel/pufferd should at least explain the OAuth bit.

    For the call you link, you'd have to make 2 calls:

    1. Stop (/server/[id]/stop?wait=true)
    2. Start (/server/[id]/start

    The wait=true is needed as many calls are async in nature. Stop does not wait for the server to fully stop before you get the response. The wait tells it to wait until it's stopped before returning.

  • @LordRalex how can i send a command to the server using this?

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