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PufferPanel v0.8.5 and Scales v0.2.4 have been released!

  • Hello everyone,

    A new version of PufferPanel, v0.8.5, and a new version of the Scales daemon, v0.2.4 have been released. The biggest change from the previous versions is that running servers inside Docker containers is now optional. We added this feature after it was highly requested by our users. In addition we have fixed a variety of small bugs, as well as improved the installation process.

    Changelog from PufferPanel v0.8.4

    • Added optional docker checkbox during node installation
    • Added default location for new installations
    • Removed unclear node settings
    • Fixed email bug which would cause 500 error
    • Move logs to be in the root directory instead of src
    • Fixed config reading so it does not spam logs because of missing debug value
    • Default nodes to using docker. This is just an HTML change, you can uncheck the box if you do not want to use Docker.
    • Removed Disk Space options. As this is not enforced at all on the servers, we have removed this option to remove confusion.
    • Removed Node home directory option. Since Scales did not natively like changing this directory, we have removed this option.

    Changelog from Scales v0.2.3

    • Added optional docker support through config. You may disable docker usage by adding "docker: false" to your configuration.
    • Include NodeJS with Scales to avoid installation problems and larger distro support
    • Fixed SFTP issue resulting from the home directories not being owned by root

    Please follow the documentation found here to install PufferPanel.

    If you already have PufferPanel installed, please follow the updating guide found here.

    If you have any problems please visit our community forums or IRC channel.

    Now that we have added this highly requested feature we will begin working on a entirely new rewritten version of PufferPanel as well as a brand new daemon. This new version will dramatically improve the code quality of the project and bring interface and API improvements. If you would like to help us out, please join our IRC channel on irc.esper.net #pufferpanel to better coordinate development.

    Thank you to our contributors for working so hard on this release and our users for their patience and support. We sincerely appreciate it.

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