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Puffer Panel not displaying in Ubuntu 16.04

  • I have installed PufferPanel, but when navigating to the url it just displays a page with 3 tabs.

    The 3 tabs have JSON, RAW and Headers. With some text below them when I click each tab. Server I am using has Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache2 and MySql installed. I did not get any error on installing PufferPanel. Just that when I navigate to the url its not loading the panel.

    You can see the problem at

    Any help with this would be great.

  • That is for the daemon, your panel is located at

    You will need to refer to your nginx setup since it looks like you have something else on top. You will have to use a subdomain if you have other services also using that IP.

  • @LordRalex Thank you. I am running plesk as the main server control. I'll redo the install as a sub domain. Again thank you for the reply.

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