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Error while creating a new server

  • Hello!
    For some strage reason, when i try to add a new server i get this error:
    I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with apache2 and php7.1
    The daemon is running:

    > service pufferd status
    Checking pufferd...                              Running, the PID is 3488

    Image proof:

  • I solved the problem.
    For some reason it wanted to get the ip adress from the page url, but i used cloudflare so it couldn't get the right ip adress.

  • How exactly did you solve this? My server isn't behind cloudflare but I do get the same issue.

    I also tried to switch protocols. This didn't change anything tho.

  • @NullDev i don't know i told cloudflare to return the VPS IP on the domain and then it worked.
    You should try to check every possible error, like the daemon is not running, or something is not installed.
    Do you get the same error as on the picture?

  • @Pdani001 This worked for me, although I couldn't use https anymore.. And I'm behind CloudFlare as well. I removed HTTP proxy

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