CSGO Arguments

  • Hi, me again ;)

    I juste sucessfully installed puffer and my csgo server. work fine from de default template.
    But I want to set some launch arguments like +game_mode 0 or -usercon.

    so I edit the config file in /var/lib/pufferd/servers and I do this :

    "run": {
          "arguments": [
            "-net_port_try 1",
            "+game_type 0",
            "+game_mode 1",
            "-tickrate 128"
          "post": [],
          "pre": [],
          "program": "./srcds_run",
          "stop": "exit"

    I have added this part :

            "+game_type 0",
            "+game_mode 1",
            "-tickrate 128"

    but my server seem to ignore thos new arguments, and still start in tick64 with casual mode instead of competitive mode.

    Is something I do wrong ? with old version of puffer, we can change this directly from the panel, but this functionnality seem to have disapear now :'(

  • My bad, I "just" have to restart the pufferd daemon.

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