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Console not showing output via SSL.

  • I've just installed pufferpanel. The server itself has a signed SSL cert on it.
    When trying to access console via ssl you get a blank console and this message "Unable to connect to web socket server, will attempt to use timed refresh".
    When connecting without ssl there is no such issue.

    Can anyone help me solve this?

  • Most browsers block insecure connections from a secure page, so the websocket connection to the daemon is failing. You'll need to configure pufferd to have an SSL certificate as well. You can do this by placing private key and fullchain files (named https.key and https.pem) in /etc/pufferd.

    You'll then need to restart pufferd by running systemctl restart pufferd.

  • @puffrfish said in Console not showing output via SSL.:

    tl restart pufferd.

    Thanks for the reply

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