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Pufferpanel on webserver

  • Hi !
    i use puffer for a while now, but each time on dedicated servers, where i have total control on it.

    but this time, I want to setup the panel on a webserver :
    i mean i have a panel to contol website, dns ect... and i have created a panel.xxx.fr subdomain.
    Is it possible to only install the panel (web part) on the web server ? no gameservers will be on that machine, they are on a dedicated game node


  • Yes, it is possible. By default, the PufferPanel installer will automatically configure the first node on the same machine as the panel is installed. However, if you run the installer with --withoutDaemon it will skip that, and you can add the other node via the panel.

    So as long as you run

    ./pufferpanel install --withoutDaemon

    PufferPanel will not be able to create game servers on the panel machine.

  • Pufferpanel genius

    thanks for quick reply

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