Autoupdating Source Dedicated Servers: Issue with Garrysmod?

  • I followed this page here:
    However its doesn't seem to work properly. Is there something missing or is this a garry's mod specific thing. If using the auto update is not an option, is there a manual way of using steam cmd to update the server?

  • What do you mean does not work?

  • The server launches without updating. The ssrver works fine, but since its not updating clients can't connect.
    There's no error that appears (that i can see) is there anything I should look out for?

  • We have released a new version of PufferPanel and Scales with an improved installation process and many bug fixes. Please try the latest version and see if it fixes your issues.

    I’m marking this question as solved since there has been a long period of inactivity on it. If you are still experiencing issues, please create a new question. Thanks!

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