The & symbol or §

  • I am using a plugin that uses the § symbol for the and sign, its called item cases. The § is replaced with ?? every time i reload the plugin because what ever editor thing or something that this program uses doesn't recognize § any solutions?

    ==: org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack
    type: MOB_SPAWNER
    ==: ItemMeta
    meta-type: TILE_ENTITY
    display-name: ??8??l>??7??l>??eBlaze Voucher??7??l<??8??l<
    - ??7Use this voucher to receive a(n) ??eBlaze ??fSpawner??7.
    - ??7??l(??6??l!??7??l) ??7Right click to redeem.
    blockMaterial: MOB_SPAWNER

  • Looks like we might not support unicode correctly, this will require me to dig around and see what's happening with it.

  • Is this a custom plugin? Usually, I'd use § for mostly everything.

  • I'm not able to replicate this issue. Do you mean the symbols change when you use the PufferPanel file editor? If it's only when you reload the plugin I don't think this is a PufferPanel issue, since the files appear to be saving correctly, at least they do for me.

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