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No Commandline / Startup Parameters in v1.1?

  • Re: SCRDS - Commandline


    Like other users, I am unable to find where to edit the server's commandline - which is fundamental to get an SRCDS server (CSGO in my case) started properly.

    I remember using a previous version of PufferPanel months ago, where the commandline functionality was fully implemented, has that been removed?

    As a last option, can somebody confirm the commandline can be edited "manually" through the SQL Database/External File?


  • We do not have a method exposed to actually change those yet, we are still migrating stuff to pufferd, so things were done in a priority.

    If you need to alter the CLI, you can do that through the server's json, located in /var/lib/pufferd/servers/<server-id>.json

    Note, changing that requires currently that you restart pufferd, which will restart all servers.

  • Appreciate the fast reply, I will keep an eye out for future updates - in the mean time will modify the commandline as mentioned.

    Thank you

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