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WHMCS module ?

  • Hello,

    I see you finished readding the old features from pufferpanel version 0.8.3. But I want to ask if the whmcs server module is in developpement now, because you said that after you finish readding the features, you'll consider making a whmcs addon... ?

    Sorry if I am stressing you....
    Thanks for this great panel.

  • We cannot add a WHMCS module until pufferd lets you do containers.

    But, we are at a point where the code in PufferPanel itself is not aging well, and so it's causing more and more issues as we add stuff in related with pufferd, and so know that it needs massive work to get it to a state where such an API would be both built correctly, and work well.

  • Ok, I understand, thanks for the quick reply.