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I can't see the server console box on other computers.

  • hi,
    I installed PufferPanel v1.1 on a new vps and it's great. But the problem is that I can't see the console box on other computers (iPad, PCs) using Google Chrome and Edge. I can only see the server box through the host, (the machine I'm hosting the server on). The start/stop function works and I can send commands, but I can't see my console on other computers except the host one. I tried reloading my browser, but it doesn't work. I installed Pufferpanel v1.0 in the past on a different vps and everything worked, but my teacher destroyed all my hard work because I was hosting on their google cloud thing. :((


  • I am not sure if pufferpanel/puffered supports VPS servers so be sure to have the newest version of puffered/pufferpanel c:

  • PufferPanel will definitely work on a VPS, but it sounds like you might be having some networking related issues.

    On the computers experiencing the issue with the blank console, try accessing in the browser, replacing hostIP with the IP or domain of the host machine.


    You should see a message that says {"success":true,"msg":"pufferd is running"}. If you do not, then it's likely that port 5656 is not being properly forwarded or allowed through the firewall on the host machine.

  • okay, I portforwarded the port 5656 and can see '{"success":true,"msg":"pufferd is running"}' on my other PCs. I shut down and restarted the vps and the console still doesn't show up. Did I forgot a step in installation or to portforward something?

  • Have you checked that the node's public ip is correct? (it should be the external ip of the machine you are hosting on, and not

  • @GoadingGoat thank you so much. It worked now, I should have followed the directions in the first place, sorry to bother anyone. In the past, I didn't bother to mess with the node settings.

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