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SFTP/File Manager Problem

  • Hey, I was using PufferPannel i have some problem

    I hosting on OVH VPS SSD

    I try to upload a folder to Pufferpanel but i can't
    by using FileZilla when i create a folder and i upload a folder(has sub Folder)
    i won't working
    it say:

    error while writing: received failure with description 'open /world/region/r.-1.-2.mca: no such file or directory'

    While i use File Manager Upload it won't create/place file in sub folder

    How can i fix it...?

  • well this have been a problem some times for me but create the directory and then tranfer it works for me c:

  • But....
    I need upload world folder
    That have many sub. folder
    I can create folder by myself

  • I'm not able to replicate this issue unfortunately. Have you tried using a different SFTP client such as WinSCP or Cyberduck? We have had some difficulty with FileZilla lately.

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