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How to setup Spigot server?

  • Hello, I'm using PufferPanel and i understood that I must say in Building Parameters "-p spigot" to run Spigot.
    However, when I install the server, "Build Tools" is running. Is there a solution to download directly Spigot (or other) from a website?

  • Yes that is possible - getspigot.org

  • And where can I specify that server must download Spigot from this link?

  • {pufferpanel adres}/admin/node/plugins
    There you can add a plugin (server jar)

  • @Tck13 said:

    {pufferpanel adres}/admin/node/plugins
    There you can add a plugin (server jar)

    Thanks, but I can't add a server jar on the new plugin page. And when i want to find the directory of this plugin in my FTP server, I can't find this...

  • Unfortunately due to legal concerns we are unable to provide a plugin that downloads a premade spigot jar. The BuildTools.jar will produce one for you though. You are also able to upload any jarfile you want to the Minecraft plugin by renaming the jar server.jar or changing the jarfile name in the panel.

  • When I create a new plugin, there is an error message: "An error occured while trying to connect to the remote node. Please check that Scales is running and try again."... Why?

  • So what Puffrfish also said before - you can not add a plugin.

    But when youy create a server with a exist server type and then go with SFTP to the server files and replace the server.jar with a spigot variant it works.