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PufferPanel v1.1.1 - General Bug Fixes

  • Hello,

    We have just released PufferPanel v1.1.1, which fixes many of the bugs users were experiencing with v1.1.0 and adds a few other additions. Alongside of this release, we are releasing pufferd v1.1.2.

    Ubuntu 14.04 support has been re-added, including an init.d script for pufferd. This means starting and stopping pufferd is as easy as service pufferd start on Ubuntu 14.04. This will be especially helpful for those on OpenVZ systems, as many of those only have a 14.04 template available.

    Newer distributions should be using systemctl to manage pufferd, however we have made some changes to the systemd service file and it does need to be updated. Please see the documentation on updating pufferd for more information.

    We have added a template for PocketMine servers, and pufferd will now gracefully shutdown and wait for running servers to stop before exiting.

    Other usability issues and issues relating to updating PufferPanel from v1.0.3 have also been addressed.

    We hope you enjoy this release and we will be working hard on any further issues and features.

    To update PufferPanel to 1.1.1, please follow this guide: https://www.pufferpanel.com/docs/updating-pufferpanel
    To update pufferd to 1.1.2, please follow this guide: https://www.pufferpanel.com/docs/updating-pufferd

    As always, thank you for your support of PufferPanel!

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