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v0.8.5 Release Candidate

  • We have set our planned release date to be Tuesday, January 24th. With that date so close, we have decided to also provide a Release Candidate build in order to help ensure there are no lingering issues with the new build system and installation process that we have for both Scales and PufferPanel.

    Current users of the panel will not see anything different on the PufferPanel installation, but will notice quicker Scales installation and less dependencies needed (just Git though really, we did all the hard work). Moving forward, we plan on this new setup being used instead of the usage of Git.

    If you would like to participate in the RC builds and are a new user, you may follow our v0.8.5 documentation here: http://www.pufferpanel.com/v0.8.5/docs/getting-started.
    Existing users may update their PufferPanel and Scales installation following this documentation: http://www.pufferpanel.com/v0.8.5/docs/updating-pufferpanel
    Please join our IRC channel if you are using those builds to help report any problems that you may have, any concerns, or even if it worked on your system, as we cannot test every system out there!

    Changelog from PufferPanel v0.8.4

    • Added optional docker checkbox during node installation
    • Added default location for new installations
    • Removed unclear node settings
    • Fixed email bug which would cause 500 error
    • Move logs to be in the root directory instead of src
    • Fixed config reading so it does not spam logs because of missing debug value

    Changelog from Scales v0.2.3

    • Added optional docker support through config. You may disable docker usage by adding "docker: false" to your configuration.
    • Include NodeJS with Scales to avoid installation problems and larger distro support

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