Sponge Server issues

  • Not urgent (was just playing around with sponge), but the console output for sponge comes has weird symbols, and extra new lines. And restarting and stopping a sponge server do not work in the panel, have to stop it in game. Server is setup as spigot server due to server creation bug atm.

    Console output here:

    But is should look more like this:

  • We are aware that there are some console issues, but I'm not able to replicate an issue with starting and stopping a server created as Sponge.

    What is the server creation bug that you are speaking of?

    In the future, if one of the templates is broken you should definitely open an issue on GitHub on the pufferd repo, or submit a PR to fix the template yourself if you know how.

  • https://github.com/PufferPanel/pufferd/issues/23 This may have been the issue installing Sponge.

  • The server creation bug I'm referring to is the one that stops you from creating a new server in 1.1 which i thought you had remedied for 1.1.1 (I'm sure you know about this..?)

    So what i did instead was reuse an already made spigot server, and use a sponge jar file.

  • There is no issue with the templates that i am aware of. Although i'm not using spopngeforge, i'm using spongevanilla.

    P.S i don't use the install commands/button. All files are manually added and configured.

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