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Bugs in 1.1?

  • Apparently I can't delete files from the file manager built in
    If I use SFTP the files that were transfered don't show in the file manager
    Where the SFTP details are, there should be a sftp:// before the username (it uses FTP by default on some clients)
    When hitting the Install button the files generated by BuildTools are not deleted

  • We've gone ahead and fixed quite a few things relating to what you are experiencing in the update we are coming out with shortly. Please give it a try and let me know if it resolves your problems.

  • @puffrfish still can't delete files. Now I get an [Object object]
    My server refuses to load any files (I have my permissions set to 777, but whatever pufferpanel's user is or something it cant write to the disk apparently)
    Also why limit the file uploads to 10MB. when loading a new spigot jar on 0.8.6 it was unlimited

    i have pufferpanel 1.1.3 and php 7.0 with nginx. when i have time im going to switch back to 0.8.6 to do another upgrade to 1.1.4 or 1.2 which breaks everything again and again. thats pretty much the loop im in right now

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