Proposal: Add a section about how to debug pufferpanel and pufferd using error logs to the documentation

  • I think it could be beneficial to add a section to the documentation for people to refer to when there install doesn't go to plan, or they are experiencing issues. Hopefully it will reduce the amount of requests for support, and the quality of requests will increase. I think it is worth remembering that the majority of the community aren't complete idiots, and can do a lot for themselves, they just lack the understanding of how to tackle issues relating to pufferpanel.

    Basically I hate seeing people posting "Error 500, tracy is unable to log the error" (or similar) without any other information. Adding this section would also allow for the people attempting to help, to be able to refer people to documentation when they provide insufficient information to be helped.

  • The error 500 comes if the system dont have php 7

  • Not necessarily, it is a generic error that has many/multiple causes which vary considerably, hence the reason for proposing adding a section on how to debug.

  • This does seem logical. We already planned on a FAQ which would tackle some of those issues, so this would be a step in that direction.

  • @GoadingGoat for the most times 500 comes if the system dont have PhP 7 but it could be some other errors or updates c: