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How to increase console buffer?

  • Have tried increasing console buffer in /etc/pufferd/config.json from 50 to 750. Is there somewhere else that needs to be edited? only displays 99 lines.

    Also there may be an issue with the way console is piped...


    Some stuff would appear to be repeated in a truncated and/or fragmented manner, no idea why.

  • Nevermind. Found it.

    For anyone who thinks 100 lines isn't enough, you can increase it in /app/views/node/index.html

    look for this segment...

    var total = (($("#live_console").val() ? $("#live_console").val() : "") + data).split("\n");
    if (total.length > 100) {
    total = total.slice(total.length - 100);

    ...and change it as needed.
    Would be nice if it were in a config file.

  • Ah, yeah, there's a lot that I wish was config based.

    If you can create an issue for this, I can look at moving it to a config value in the acp_settings table.

    I'd also want to move the max upload file size as well to the db so it's configurable.

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