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Error :c

  • Pufferpanel says error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile BungeeCord.jar. The jar file is new downloaded and is named the same..

  • Can somewhat second this, although i appear to have bigger issues than just this. start/stop/restart buttons stop working. kill does not work either. ended up using terminal and pid to kill it, then restart pufferd.

    Back to the corrupt jar file issue though, it would appear to be caused by sftp'ing the jar file in, although my corrupt file starts in pufferd, and when you try log in it disconnects you. Using terminal to start it says it is corrupt (have issues with spigot as well).

    Some maybe helpful interim advice would be to delete your Bungeecord.jar file using terminal. Then use install button in pufferpanel to get a new one, if that fails, start again, but use linux terminal and wget or curl to download a new one, then chown it as pufferd (the latter worked for me).

  • @GoadingGoat Thanks for replying to me c: I will try that.

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