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GoogleAPIs slows down speed in China

  • Hello everyone here.
    I'm a server manager in China and I discover that googleapis slows down the whole panel.(googleapis is blocked in China)
    I wonder if there is a way to change or disable googleapis? There are some mirrors of googleapis which are pretty fast in China.

  • You would have to alter the HTML files and point them to the different mirrors.

    Most of the HTML will be driven by 2:

    You can update the script tags there with the new CDNs the ones in china to get most of the scripts we use.

    If a specific page slows down, you can check the appropriate HTML file in that folder and change it's links accordingly.

  • I searched the two files but they doesn't contain googleapis. :(

    Thank you for your help anyway.

    PS: Maybe I can help translating the panel to Chinese, the current translation is incomplete.

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